Testimonial from a divorce client who had been involved in expensive, but unproductive appearances in court:

Dan was exceptionally professional, pragmatic and fair minded. He provided me very solid guidance, advice, and legal representation. He helped me avoid unnecessary financial and emotional expense by focusing on the big picture and avoiding fruitless, petty battles.”

From another divorce client:

The divorce process can be very difficult and emotional.  Having Dan as my lawyer made this process as bearable as possible. His vast experience in the field, caring and calming personality and knowledge helped me through this difficult time. He was always available to answer questions, was very receptive to my concerns and handled all matters in a timely and efficient manner. I felt very confident that my case was in good hands with him and this helped to alleviate a lot of the anxiety associated with this process.”

Testimonial from a father in a paternity case in which the mother sought retroactive child support from the date of the child’s birth, despite the fact that the father had provided regular support:

In the year or so that I was with Dan, he proved himself to be a lawyer whom I grew to respect, not only for his legal ability, but also for his eagerness to pursue the least time consuming and most efficient course of action in my case. What I came to see in Dan is a very compassionate, honest and caring lawyer who is also a truly good friend to have on your side.”

From a divorce client:

My experience working with Dan Finn to achieve a divorce settlement was positive from start to finish. Dan was informative, reassuring, and professional. He listened to my history, questions and concerns, and addressed every detail with care. I felt comfortable at every turn knowing that he would represent my best interests. During a tough time, it was reassuring to know that Dan would see me through the entire process, calmly and astutely. I felt pleased with the settlement and appreciative of Dan’s guidance. I had the best possible attorney for me.”

From another divorce client who was in business with and owned parcels of real estate with his wife:

Two qualities of Dan’s stand out. First, his legal skills became very evident in the professional way he conducted depositions and negotiated with my ex-wife’s attorneys. Second, Dan is not your typical “cut-throat” lawyer. He fights for you with a very high level of integrity and compassion.”

From a client Dan helped with a business dispute:

I approached Dan when I realized I was in the thick of a business deal gone very bad. In addition to losing money I was owed, my ego was bruised. If I were truly honest, I’d have to admit that what I really wanted was justice, and even vengeance in the form of receiving the monies I was owed, along with an apology.

Dan’s genius was in helping me sort through the emotional issues so that we could focus on what mattered most to me. I was impressed by his remarkable reserve of knowledge and experience, the soundness of his thinking through the reams of countless distractions. It became clear that he was absolutely committed to constructing an efficient course through this “muck” and intended on staying true to course unless adjustments became necessary.

I feel privileged to have been the beneficiary of Dan’s considerable talents. Seeing Dan Finn’s judgment, experience, and unshakeable ethics in action … well, all I can say is, I’m very pleased Dan Finn was on my side!”

  • Lawyer of the Year, 2013
    Voted One of Boston's Best Lawyers Past President of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council The Divorce Center International Academy of Collaborative Professionals